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Does Your Front Door Say Welcome?

Photo Compliments of Biltmore Inspirations

If you are like most people, you go in and out of your home everyday through the garage.  When was the last time you entered through the front door?  Step outside your entry today, turn around, and take a good look at what your door is saying.

In my case, living in Arizona means that we have constant dust storms swirling massive amounts of reddish black dirt throughout the air. A large part of that dirt forcefully sticks itself to every surface it can find, including my front door.  Keeping it clean is a constant struggle.

No matter where you live, Mother Nature can take a toll on front doors with dirt buildup.  Add in peeled paint, dings and chips, and dirty windows and your front door will not be giving the right impression to your guests.  A few suggestions:

  • At least twice a year, dilute a quarter cup of Murphy Oil Soap with warm water in a small bucket. Wearing rubber gloves, clean your door from top to bottom with this mixture, then wipe off residue with a clean, dry towel.
  • Wash the windows on, or near the front door, until they sparkle.
  • If you have chips or dings on the wood of the door, use caulk, putty and touch-up paint to cover any damage.
  • If the stain, or paint, has begun to peel and look faded, consider repainting or stripping off the varnish and restaining.
  • Change out the color for a more dramatic appearance.  You can never go wrong with red, which provides an enticing welcome, and according to those who practice Feng Shui, provides “good energy.”

Then, hang a wreath, or basket, filled with beautiful flowers or greenery from the door. I love this Biltmore Inspirations  Vintage Grape Basket measuring 12″ W x 5″ D x 14″ H because you can change out the flowers according to the season.  It features an authentic, aged rust patina finish and a large leather strap. It is similar to those that European farmers carried on their backs to harvest the season’s grapes.  Available for $49.98 through the above Biltmore Inspirations website.

These touches will transform your entry into a positive first impression for your visiting guests.

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